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pinstripe design

Becker Europa
Becker Mexico
Becker Grand Prix

These sets have FM, fixed station buttons, mono or stereo and the luxery sets have auto search. Some models are available in 6 volts and battery-plus on chassis.
For English cars the inscription on the buttons and scale can be AM/FM.

Also in 108 Mhz available!

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Becker Nadelstreifen
Becker Universal

Becker Universal sets
Becker Europa
Becker Mexico
Becker Grand Prix

The Becker universal sets should be fitted in all “non Mercedes-Benz” vehicles. These sets are available with FM, preselectable station buttons, in mono or stereo and auto search.
Some sets are available for 6 volts supply and with plus on car chassis.
Radios to be fitted in English / American cars can be delivered with FM/AM lettering on the scale.
Push buttons, knobs and faces could be delivered corresponding with the design of the dashboard.

Also in 108 Mhz available!

Becker Mexico with navigation system and language control in the classical Retro Look

high-quality execution with chromed metal frame.

Technical data:
Language-Dialog-System, CF-Card Navigation, Bluetooth wireless technology, OLED-Vario-Colour-Display, Becker Surround, MP3-Player, CF-/SD-/MMC-Card, 2-RDS-Tuner, Directory, iPod-Support, Telephone, InterNet, SIM ACCESS Profile
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